Pedestrian Accidents

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Florida is one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians, and is the second leading state when it comes to annual fatalities per capita.1

Sorted by State
State Pedestrian Fatalities per 100K Population – 2016
Alabama 2.51
Alaska 1.62
Arizona 2.85
Arkansas 1.64
California 2.43
Colorado 1.52
Connecticut 1.73
Delaware 2.83
DC 1.32
Florida 3.22
Georgia 2.25
Hawaii 2.24
Sorted by Fatality Rate
State Pedestrian Fatalities per 100K Population – 2016
New Mexico 3.45
Florida 3.22
South Carolina 2.96
Arizona 2.85
Delaware 2.83
Nevada 2.76
Louisiana 2.73
Alabama 2.51
Texas 2.44
California 2.43
Vermont 2.41
Oklahoma 2.32

In fact, Broward and Miami-Dade counties were among the top eight counties in the entire country for pedestrian fatalities. Florida law enforcement officers and emergency medical responders handle hundreds of calls each day that involve a car, truck, or motorcycle hitting a pedestrian. The combination of aggressive, distracted drivers and poor roadway designs continue to cause these numbers to grow each year.

State County Number of Pedestrian Fatalities
CA Los Angeles 265
AZ Maricopa 133
TX Harris 128
TX Dallas 84
FL Miami-Dade 83
IL Cook 74
CA San Diego 71
TX Bexar 68
FL Broward 67
CA Orange 63

1 See Preliminary figures released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) (