Safety Tips to Avoid Blind Spots

Experienced riders know how dangerous traveling in blind spots can be. While all drivers are susceptible to getting in an accident when they are not seen in the mirrors of other drivers, motorcyclists are in particular danger due to the limited protection around them. It is important to understand these dangers and how to avoid them.

What Are Blind Spots?

Blind spots are any locations where other drivers may have difficulty seeing you because you are not in their mirrors. These spots may extend more than the length of the vehicle.

In addition to blind spots, there are also “death spots,” which are any locations directly beside a vehicle. If a driver swerves or changes lanes without looking, he or she can hit the motorcyclist.

How Can I Avoid Blind Spots?

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can avoid blind spots and minimize the risk of being hit in an accident of this nature.

First, recognize when you are in a blind spot. If you cannot see the driver’s face in the vehicle’s mirrors, the driver cannot see you. Try to travel behind a vehicle in a position where you are seen in the driver’s mirrors. If you have to pass, do so quickly. Travel as far to the side of the lane as is safe to do so in order to avoid other nearby vehicles.

Experienced riders recommend taking alternative action to avoid being in a deadly blind spot, including temporarily speeding or riding full throttle if doing so will get you out of this precarious position.

The Florida Department of Transportation recommends the following safety tips to motorcyclists:

  • Increase visibility by wearing bright colors.
  • Wear appropriate riding gear and an FDOT-compliant helmet.
  • Ride within personal and legal limits.
  • Inspect your vehicle before each ride to check for safety.

Rely on your bike’s details to increase safety, such as using your horn when necessary or equipping your bike with reflectors. Also, use hand signals to indicate your intentions so that other drivers pay attention to these cues.

What Do I Do If Someone Else Hit Me While in a Blind Spot?

All motorists have a duty to look out for other drivers on the road, including motorcyclists. If you were injured because another driver did not keep a proper lookout, you may be entitled to compensation for the medical expenses, lost wages and property damage that you suffered.

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