Jet Thrusters: Latest Way to Prevent Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcyclists love the feel of the open road, but they must acknowledge that this mode of travel does come with increased safety risks.

If injured in a motorcycle accident, you may suffer catastrophic injuries like paralysis or severe road rash. Many accidents occur when a rider loses traction during a turn, resulting in a low-side crash.

The German manufacturer Bosch Group is developing technology that is designed to help riders recover from a slide and prevent these types of crashes. The solution is based on using jet thrusters.

Better Technology for Safer Roads

The innovative solution is part of the company’s sliding mitigation research project. One or both tires may lose traction during a turn because of debris or other hazards on the roadway, such as wet leaves, gravel or an oil spill. If this occurs, the wheels may begin to slip sideways.

To stabilize the bike, it is necessary to apply external lateral force, which is the concept that supports the company’s research. A sensor detects when the wheel starts to slip sideways.

Then, thrusters are used to push the vehicle in the opposite direction of the slide similar to a reaction control system in a spacecraft. Gas from a gas accumulator like that used in an airbag is vented in a specific direction through the use of a nozzle. The reverse thrust helps get the bike back on track, and the tires resume traction and control.

The system is designed to prevent the motorcycle from falling onto its side when it is in a leaning position.

However, the system is still in experimental stages. The system can only be used one time and then requires a replacement. Still, the technology offers a promising solution to an age-old problem and may help prevent motorcycle accidents in the future.

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